Baby Z by Aileen Bassis

June 23, 2016 Catherine Hecht



by Aileen Bassis

Paddle furiously, foam up the instant
stream of now, tomorrow, so many yesterdays whirlpooling
that you can’t contain them all. Why bother
with memories when now, everything’s here.
Look, look at Baby Zachary on tumblr, smiling
at his mom behind her phone, grinning, spitting raspberries,
a wiggle in blue stripes, delight
peeling away at the speed of light.
Superbaby —
look and he’s bigger,
growing so fast he’s beyond all prediction.
Power drools from every orifice: burps explode, pee spurts, a fart
trumpets and he clears his throat.
He must be fed! Get out the spoon, the breast. His diaper fills.
Glorious — worship him, no throne or scepter needed,
we’ve bouncy chair and stroller wheels

           they all roll over so     Buckle up
let’s take a ride, hit the gas,

city buildings     malls     convenience stores
lawns     suburbs    towns    an overpass

          they all roll over
Can we stop for a second, a minute, an hour?
No turning back,
it’s a one way street & here’s the right
of way.    We all roll over, let’s go,
no yielding, never ever
24 hours, 52 weeks
petting zoos & soccer shoes
winter hats & baseball bats
stacks of picture books, look my love
just look.

Aileen Bassis began writing poetry in 2013, she’s a visual artist working in book arts, printmaking, photography and installation. Her poems have been published in Body Literature, Canary, Amoskeag, Grey Sparrow Journal, Milo Journal,  Specs Journal, Spillway, and Stone Canoe.

You can see more of Aileen’s work on her website

Image created by Beth Achenbach

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