FitFUNd Brings Wellness On The Road

August 10, 2016 Mel Kozakiewicz


As a runner, Racquel Clarke excelled. She competed at Syracuse University — a Division I program.

She also shined as a student. She graduated from Syracuse in 2010 and finished her MBA from the prestigious Rutgers Business School in 2013. Her degree concentrated on healthcare management and social entrepreneurship. She quickly began her career, working for a Fortune 500 company consulting within the healthcare industry.

Then, in 2014, Clarke officially formed FitFUNd.

“FitFUNd is a pop up fitness company,” explains Clarke. “We are the Fed-Ex of fitness. We bring the personal trainer and equipment to your office or community organization, breaking down the obstacles to getting healthy. It is a time saver.”

Officially formed in 2014 and now in full operation, clients book classes from the website and the trainers use client’s existing spaces to host group fitness classes. “We use spaces like lounges, break rooms, etc. Our motto is every space can be a wellness space. Mid-size companies use us because they usually don’t have a gym but they still need to have an onsite wellness program to keep their insurance premiums low,” explains Clarke.

Racquel Clarke, founder of FitFUNd and Rising Tide Capital's Start Something Challenge winner

At FitFUNd, no two classes are the same.

“We are also a social enterprise,” Clarke continues. “When companies choose us as a wellness vendor, they can get fit and give back. Profit from our corporate clients helps us to keep prices affordable for community clients. We host kid fit classes in communities at organizations like libraries and schools.”

When asked about The Rising Tide Capital Start Something Challenge, Clarke was enthusiastic. “They encouraged me to more vocal about my business. It was the largest marketing campaign I ever managed for my company. Spreading the word is the key to starting a business. After the challenge, I am certain everyone in my network knows about my business.”

Moving forward, Clarke plans on creating a mobile application. She is currently doing all of the administrative work manually, but is looking forward to automating that with the forthcoming application. “This will create a seamless approach to booking classes, paying, and selecting the perfect personal trainer for your organization,” finishes Clark.

For more information about Fit FUNd, visit

FitFUNd is one of three winners of Rising Tide Capital’s annual Start Something Challenge.

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