Jersey City Bike Share Program to Launch Monday, September 21

September 15, 2015 Dan Levin


The Jersey City bike share program, Citi Bike Jersey City, will launch on Monday, September 21 at 3 pm. On August 4, Citi was announced as the title sponsor of the Jersey City bike share program. The Horizon Foundation for New Jersey, SUEZ North America, CarePoint Health and Jersey City Medical Center–Barnabas Health were named founding sponsors.

Jersey City has added 28 new miles of bike lanes over the past two years and many believe that bike share represents the next big step in creating a more bike-friendly city. “Jersey City is a diverse community with residents who largely use bikes, mass transit or walk to work and the city’s culture and vibrancy make it the perfect place for bike share.” said Mayor Fulop.

The program will start with 350 bikes installed at 35 stations throughout Jersey City. An interactive version of the bike station map for Jersey City (pictured below)  can be found on the Citi Bike website. The map identifies the location of the 35 stations that have already been installed. Chris Englese, president and co-founder of Bike JC, said “launching the program in all wards was the right thing to do – particularly in neighborhoods that lack options in transportation.”

Citi Bike Jersey City Station Map

Citi Bike Jersey City Station Map

Bike key dispensers have been installed at the Liberty Light Rail, Grove St. PATH, and on Dey St. in Journal Square. The current number of stations installed in each neighborhood is Bergen Lafayette: 3, Bergen Hill: 1, Caven Point: 1, Downtown Jersey City: 12, Greenville: 3, the Heights: 7, Journal Square: 4, McGinley Square: 1, and West Side: 3. “We specifically chose locations in every ward of the city so that all residents could participate in bike share, placing docking stations near transit, parks, and employment hubs, as well as cultural and educational institutions. ” stated Jennifer Morrill, Jersey City Press Secretary.

Safe streets for both cyclists and pedestrians alike is a goal of Bike JC. “Bike share is a piece of that puzzle, but we as a community must continue to push for other pieces of the puzzle to fall into place. While we [Bike JC] love and support the continued growth of the cycling community in Jersey City, we need to be sure that we have the infrastructure to support these additional cyclists.” said Englese.

Citi Bike Jersey City and Citi Bike New York will be interoperable programs, meaning membership to one will entitle riders to the same usage in the other. “Citi Bike has already proven to be wildly popular in New York City with over 19 million trips in a little over two years. We’re now expanding the reach, making bike share a seamless part of the region’s transportation network.” said Jay Walder, President and CEO of Motivate.

According to Citi Bike their program servicing the New York/New Jersey area is now the largest bike share program in the United States and one of the largest in the world. Residents who sign up before the launch will save $25 off annual membership and will have access to the program in New York City immediately. Members will be able to ride in Jersey City on the system’s opening day on Monday, September 21.

Pricing across New York and New Jersey will be the same, with an annual membership cost of $149. Passes for 24 hr usage cost $9.95 or passes for 7 day usage can be purchased for $25. Annual memberships entitle riders to unlimited use of the system for individual bike trips up to 45 minutes. Riders using the Citi Bike for longer periods will be charged a graduated fee.

Englese expressed concern that a credit card was needed to join the program. “Bike JC feels strongly that all residents should have access to the program – similar to the reason that launching in all wards was the right option.” He also provided examples of other cities, like Indego in Philadelphia that offer a cash payment option. The administration and Motivate are still planning out a program that will provide a reduced rate for low-income Jersey City residents.

Corporate memberships are also available. Any Jersey City employer that signs up by October 1 will be designated a charter member, with the opportunity to extend a 50% or 100% subsidy to every employee. More information is available by emailing marketing(at)

Have you seen the docking stations installed in your neighborhood? Will you be signing up for membership? Do you have an opinion on the bike share program? Share your photos and thoughts in the comments section below.

For more information on the Jersey City Bike Share program, visit

Catherine Hecht contributed to this article. Photo and map courtesy Motivate.

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