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February 5, 2016 Catherine Hecht


This is the second profile in a series for the JCI Instagram take over, brought to you by Honey and Moon Photography and the Jersey City Independent. Meet Jersey City Fire Captain Anthony Klocko, he will be posting images of his #dayinthelifejc from Feb. 8 through Feb. 14. Be sure to follow him on the JCI Instagram feed (@jcindependent) next week. Enjoy!

I was born and raised in Downtown, Jersey City on 5th Street between Brunswick and Monmouth Street. A great Italian and Polish neighborhood, mostly Italian. I like to say I grew up Italian even though I’m Polish and Irish. There was no lack of great Italian food at any of my friends’ houses. There were a lot of Italian Grandmas making food from scratch, including home made pasta. I have great friends and memories from growing up Downtown.

I was lucky enough to become a member of the greatest fire department, the Jersey City Fire Department. I have 28 years and counting on the job. I work at Squad Company 4 & Rescue 1 located in Bergen Lafayette, next to the old West police precinct. I’m Captain of Squad Co. 4, Group B. I have the privilege to work with some of the best firefighters and officers in my firehouse on Communipaw Avenue, with the 4th Battalion. We are very proud to be able to serve and protect everyone that lives, works or does business in the great city of Jersey City.

Captain Anthony Klocko with some of the other firemen from Squad Company 4 & Rescue 1

Captain Anthony Klocko with some of the other firemen from Squad Company 4 & Rescue 1

I love drinking good coffee, running and taking photos with my iPhone. Sometimes they all intertwine. The guys sometimes call me, “Captain Selfie.” Well, you have to have some fun too! I include them in my photos that I post. Social Media is pretty awesome and I have my daughters, Liz and Lindsay to thank for introducing me to Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. My son Zak isn’t as interested as the rest of us.

In your opinion, what is the most amazing thing about Jersey City?

The most amazing thing about Jersey City is, it’s “Jersey City.” Where else can you go and see the view of NYC and the Statue of Liberty, while enjoying great restaurants, and great people? All while being protected by the Jersey City Fire Department and the Jersey City Police Department, two departments working with less and doing their best to protect the residents and visitors of Jersey City.

Can you give us a run down on your basic #dayinthelifejc?

Everyday starts off with coffee. Days in the firehouse always include; training, cleaning the apparatus, maintaining equipment, cleaning the firehouse and making sure everything and everybody is ready to respond to any emergency that comes up. The rest of the day is spent protecting the city we serve. It may include a few stops at the local coffee shops and food establishments to keeps going. Always shop local.

What would you like to see happen in Jersey City in the next five years?

With the constant building in the city, adding more and more residential buildings of great height, I would like to see the Fire Department and Police Department grow along with the population and real estate growth. The fire and police departments can not go backwards, they need to grow. Maybe the administration could reach out to the developers and have them build new police stations and fire houses. Maybe have them contribute money toward new equipment. We should maintain both great departments.

Is there someone from Jersey City you always wanted to meet?

I don’t know, I think I’ve met all the cool people. I’m happy to meet anyone that has lived or now lives in Jersey City. But, maybe Mayor Whelan or Mayor Hague. That would’ve been interesting.

What’s your Jersey City “hidden” gem? Where are you favorite places to go or things to do in Jersey City?

My hidden gems and favorite places would be the same. Stop in at Modcup coffee on Palisade Ave., Brewshot on Regent St., Basic Food & Beverage on 8th & Erie St., The Grind Shop on Communipaw Ave. off Halladay St., 9 Bar Cafe on Erie St., Renato’s/Pizza Masters on Central Ave., and 15 Fox Place. These are all great places.

Do you have a favorite “Jersey City” story or memory?

Every story I ever told or heard of Jersey City is a great story. Some of my favorite memories include; playing Little League baseball at Mary Benson Park and at The Oaks (old-timers will remember those places). Ice skating at Pershing Field. Playing recreational football at Roosevelt Stadium and of course playing basketball for St. Anthony’s High School under coach Bob Hurley.

Thank you for sharing your story with us Captain Klocko!

You can follow Captain Klocko on his Instragram, @Squad4Captain or he say’s you can stop by and say hello to him at the firehouse, which is located at 582 Communipaw Avenue. Follow Captain Klocko’s #dayinthelifejc at @jcindependent.

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Photos by Tracey Luz, courtesy Honey and Moon Photography

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