Quattrocchi’s “Losers” Opens February 13 at Shua Space

February 12, 2016 Cindy Chang


From February 13 through March 12, Shua Group will present Laura Quattrocchi’s “Losers,” a multi-dimensional exhibition with live performance that features lottery tickets from 18 states.

Laura Quattrocchi is a dancer and visual artist, and co-founder of the Shua Group, a non-profit organization which focuses on exhibiting movement-based art. Shua Group previously presented Spring Rain, where Quattrocchi danced a choreography in a storefront window until plastic bottles completely buried her, restraining her movement. That project was inspired by the artists’ interest in discarded objects, especially containers like the plastic bottles used in the performance.

In Losers, Quattrocchi again brings the viewer’s attention to discarded objects: this time, losing scratch off lotto tickets. While walking around one day, Quattrocchi noticed scratch off lotto tickets littering the sidewalk, and understood that these objects spoke to the life of the neighborhood. As she learned more about these losing tickets, called “losers,” she began to appreciate the pervasive presence of the lottery in everyday life.

In this exhibition, Quattrocchi presents different perspectives of that pervasiveness. Outside on the building’s exterior, she captures the attention of passersby with a 4 feet by 28 feet “losers billboard” made entirely of discarded, losing scratch off lotto tickets mounted on wood and resin. In contrast to these losing tickets, her piece “Winners #1-#50” displays unscratched lotto tickets purchased from 18 states, sealed under resin to prevent access, literally preventing buyers (and viewers) from testing their luck. “The Movement of Losing” covers a gallery window with scratch off tickets fixed with tape. The piece “Explosion” (pictured above) was created using spray paint, plaster, scratch off tickets, and quarters. And, in keeping with Quattrocchi’s practice of performance, the Losers exhibit will also present a live show, performed by Laura Quattrocchi, Milosz Koziej, Sam Pullin and others from Shua Group.

"Losers Billboard" by Laura Quattrocchi

“Losers Billboard” by Laura Quattrocchi

“While the Losers Show is about loss and hope as a human experience, it certainly implies that state-sponsored lotto is predatory, endemic and a conflict of interest,” says Joshua Bissett, co-founder of Shua Group. “In the collection and exhibition of tens of thousands of dollars worth of ‘losers’ found in and around Journal Square, Laura literally exhibits money lost to the state. And, in sealing lotto tickets under resin as an art object, Laura offers a symbolic and playful way to say no.”

ShuaSpace is located at 340 Summit Avenue near the Journal Square PATH. The opening reception for Losers will be on February 13 from 6-10 pm; live performance at 7:30 pm. The gallery will be open Saturdays until March 12 from 7-9 pm. For more information, visit shuagroup.com or check out their Facebook page.

Photos courtesy the Shua Group. Top photo: “Explosion” by Laura Quattrocchi

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