Trigger by Joe Del Priore

June 22, 2016 Catherine Hecht



by Joe Del Priore

His drunken remark triggered her reaction
Which triggered their feud
Which in turn triggered the boycott
Which set off the night raids
Which led to the carpet bombing
Which triggered a U.N. resolution
Which led to the cutting off of aid
Which caused the tribal warfare
Which triggered the burning of the embassy
Which led to hoards of refugees
Which caused neighboring countries to create camps
Which led to hunger, disease and more anger
Which led to celebrity humanitarian concerts
Which helped the local economy
Especially my t-shirt business
So I was able to pay off my car loan
Catch up on my alimony
Buy new furnishings
Which led me to plan another cocktail party
Where the same two who started all this
Buried the hatchet and made love in my gazebo
While the rest of us debated the depressed economy
And all the senseless suffering
Perhaps I’m serving too much vodka

Joe Del Priore has been writing poems for about 14 years and was in three poetry critique groups. He has had 11 collections of short stories published which are available on Amazon.

Image created by Beth Achenbach

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